Among the Trees

“What if it’s the there
and not the here
that I long for?
The wander
and not the wait,
the magic
in the lost feet
stumbling down
the faraway street
and the way the moon
never hangs
quite the same.”

-Tyler Knott Gregson
Life is all about the adventures. Its not about the destinations. Its about finding yourself on the roads that lead to them. I am creating my own adventure. One that differs from most.

There’s something so peaceful about being among the trees. Its like, your mind enters another realm. One where you are fully conscious and aware of everything around you. The noise in your head slows down for a moment, all you can hear are the birds and the leaves.

It’s among the trees that you start to appreciate the beauty in your life. You sit there and wonder about all the things you may take for granted. All the people in your life that make it all worth while.

There’s a whole world beneath the trees. One that only the little gnomes can see. A world of wonder, and wander, and pure magic.

I want to be among the trees.

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