doTERRA: The Magical Essential Oils

Let’s face it. In the world we live in today, stress has become a normal part of life. Whether it is related to work, finances, health, or social situations, people of all ages, genders and colors are bound to be negatively affected by stress.

It has become a commonality that people are turning to pharmaceutical drugs to deal with the emotional, mental, and physical hardships caused by stress. Doctors are so quick to prescribe antidepressants to just about everyone who experiences anxiety, depression, or any feeling that isn’t pure sunshine and happiness.

It is inevitable that we are going to run into stressful situations here and there. But, what if I told you that you didn’t have to resort to prescription drugs as a solution to emotional well-being? What if I told you that you can take a natural approach to ease your stress and help quiet the noise inside of your beautiful, yet very busy mind?

There is something to be said about Mother Nature, and just how magical she can be.  Did you know that a variety of plants and fruits have sacred healing powers? Yes! Its true! Who knew that the special scented gifts of nature could be so healing? The oils that give plants and fruits their explicit aromas, are turned into Essential Oils. More and more people are using these magical oils derived from nature, which are replacing the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

You’ve probably heard about essential oils before, and all of their amazing uses and benefits. As defined by Merriam Webster, an essential oil is “an oil that comes from a plant, that smells like the plant it comes from, and that is used in perfumes and flavorings”. You may have seen them in your local drug stores and even on the shelves at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. But, just like anything else that that enters the over saturated market, you have to be careful that you are choosing the right ones that are, well, pure! That’s where doTERRA comes in!

doTERRA is a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the earth”. What sets doTERRA apart from the essential oils you may see in stores, is that the founders of doTERRA were determined to create only the purest essential oils to grace the market. This strong commitment to purity has resulted in a new standard of therapeutic quality to be born, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. The best part of doTERRA is that it was designed with your health and safety in mind. When using doTERRA products, it is transparent as to exactly what you are putting into and onto your body. Feel confident about what you are putting into your body. Rest assured that you know exactly what your body is absorbing with this amazing line of holistic personal care products.

Learn more about these amazing oils and other incredible doTERRA products, and all the ways they can change your life !

** Please note that this post is not intended to offend or criticize those who use pharmaceutical drugs, however it is intended to enlighten readers of alternative medicine options **

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