Bohogomo takes on Artists and Fleas, Brooklyn ~

This weekend was one for the books. Our first-time vending at Artists and Fleas, Brooklyn was surely a successful one.

We’ve been selling dream catchers and wall hangings on Etsy for almost two years now, and it’s always such a good feeling hearing that “cha-ching”! It’s like “OMG someone actually just bought something I made ! Ahhh!”

But there is something to be said about face to face interaction with your customers. The way their face lights up with they see your creations, and the way your life lights up when they purchase one.

What an honor it was to be a part of something so amazing! A selection of hand-picked talent, curated into a wonderland of a market place!

I have always admired Artists and Fleas. So many uniquely talented artists and vendors from all over, gathered in a warehouse turned flea market in the busy streets of Williamsburg, BK. I always said how cool it would be to sell our dream catchers there, but I never thought we would make it there. Until one day we got an email inviting us to vend with them (insert happy dance here)!!!

This experience surely exceeded our expectations ! Our main goal was to cover our booth fee for the weekend, and maybe profit a little bit. WHICH WE DID ! We profited more that we could have imagined! 20 of our wall hangings found new homes this weekend, and we raised about $70 for shelter animals <3 But that's not all! We met and connected with amazing local vendors, and customers! And most importantly, our dream catchers made a lasting impression on so many people, which made an everlasting impact on my dreams!

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