Three Nondestructive Dog Toys Your Power Chewer WON’T Destroy!

Imagine this: You bring your furry friend home for the first time. They’re cute, they’re adorable, they have stolen your heart, and one day realize that you actually are the parent to a baby shark! Its razor sharp teeth can bite through just about anything.Fluffy dog toy guts are scattered throughout your living room floor, and you JUST BOUGHT THOSE DOG TOYS YESTERDAY!

But your baby’s still teething, and you can’t stop yourself from showering them with the love and toys that they deserve! SO, naturally, you keep buying more fluffy plush toys! The same thing happens, but now, your baby shark dog starts to teethe on the furniture!

And so the search for some indestructible, long lasting dog toys begins! Look no further!

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These three dog toys have lasted us a LONG time, and I can say with complete confidence that these are our pup Henna’s favorite toys!

So first we have “Gorilla Wood”! When we first adopted Henna, one of our friends gifted this toy to us. She spoke very highly of how much her dog loves it, so we were not too surprised when Henna went nuts over this chunk of wood! And that is exactly what it is, a big, solid chunk of pure maple wood! You can choose from four sizes: XS, S, M, L. Since they are all natural, you will get a unique shaped piece for your pup ! Great for dental hygiene and naturally appealing. No synthetic scents or flavors. Just pure maple wood! And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about this wood splintering and hurting your furry friend! Your gorilla wood will probably last you between 1-2 years, depending on how often your dog chews it! Get your’s by clicking the link below !

Another one of Henna’s all time favorite chew toys is the Bionic Urban Stick! She LOVES this toy, especially because it has two treat pockets that are the perfect place to stuff peanut butter and other dog treats inside! This can literally keep her occupied for hours, because the pockets are deep enough for treats to really get lodged in there, making it more tricky for the puppers to get them out! (Muahahah!) But really, these are great for when you need to keep your little friend occupied while you’re cooking, doing laundry, or just need some alone time !

There are multiple ways that you and your pup can play with this toy!The Bionic Urban Stick is great for fetch and tug of war! It’s water proof, and brightly colored, and floats so it won’t get lost in the water!

I love this dog toy, because it is easy to clean, either by hand or on the top rack of your dishwasher! Oh, and its BPA & Lead Free! No phthalates to make chew time worrisome!

You are probably familiar with the classic Kong toy, but if you’re new to the puppy life, then I will fill you in on why this is Henna’s all time favorite dog toy! We have had her Kong since we brought her home from the shelter (Over a year ago) and she has loved it ever since! So the Kong is great for stuffing treats! You can put peanut butter, yogurt, kibble, canned pumpkin, chicken, literally anything you can think of that is safe for your dog!

Perfect for teething puppies, this toy is made with Kong’s teething rubber formula! It is highly recommended by Veterinarians, Trainers and Behavior Specialists worldwide! It comes in 3 sizes, S, M, & L, and is available in multiple shapes and colors!

Play fetch with the Kong, or just fill it with treats for your dog to enjoy solo! Made in the USA by globally sourced materials, this toy is actually great for your dog’s oral hygiene too! It’s really a win win win for you and your dog !

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