A Cold Brew for a Burning Heart:A guide to enjoy your coffee and avoid the heart burn!

Coffee. Say it with me. Coffee. Coffee.C O F F E E. cof·fee ˈkôfē,ˈkäfē/ noun Definition: A delicious blend of confidence, brewed to enhance your day and give you that motivation to get sh*t done. Example of coffee used in a sentence: "Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee." *Please note this post... Continue Reading →

How to Save Money on Your Daily Coffee Habits! A Guide to Brewing the Perfect Cup of Iced Coffee!

Coffee. A six-letter word. A beautiful source of energy. There are so many different species of coffee to be had. Hot. Iced. Espresso. Cappuccino. The list goes on.... I love coffee, just as much as the next person does. In fact, I am sipping on my iced coffee right now as I sit here writing... Continue Reading →

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