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I have always enjoyed creative writing, but it was during my college career that my passion for writing really sparked. I spent a semester studying abroad in England, where I took a Creative Writing class, and fell in love with words. It was there that I also developed a strong sense of Wanderlust. I have a burning desire to see the world. I have big plans to travel cross-country in the year 2020 with my soul mate and our rescue pup. I plan to support myself on our journey through my creativity, and my words.

I have a new-found passion for small businesses, and the support of the small business community!

In 2017, I created my own small business, Bohogomo Inc., designing, handcrafting, and selling unique bohemian wall hangings.

It was through Bohogomo Inc. that I developed a strong desire to help other small businesses. I am here to help small businesses all over make an ever-lasting impact on their audience!

Throughout my career, I have worked with various companies to improve their online presence through my copy writing skills.

I like to take a personal approach when connecting with my clients. It is really important to me to fully understand the message that my clients are trying to get across to their audience. I really enjoy using words to paint a picture of how their services can solve a customer’s problem. 

Let’s turn your company’s viewers into buyers!




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