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Hi there! Thank you for visiting my site! I’m Annie Sendrowitz, a lover of all things creative ! I’m a modern bohemian artist and writer, looking to make the most of my time in this whimsical, wonderful world! Every day is a new adventure, a new beginning, and a chance to make amazing things happen!

I’ve always been a creative person, but it wasn’t until about two years ago that I really identified myself as a “creative artist”. In 2017, I created Bohogomo {Bohemian Goes Modern} which has been an outlet for my creativity and a form of therapy for my overactive, over thinking, obsessive mind.

Bohogomo is a handmade bohemian home decor and lifestyle brand. I make dream catchers, woven wall hangings & air plant holders.

It was through my creations that I became a business owner, an entrepreneur, and really got in touch with my creative side and my purpose: To inspire others to live a life they love.

Throughout this blog, I intend to share things that are really important to me and have made my life what it is today, with hopes that they are of use to you in your life. Here, I will share what I have learned along my journey as a business owner, a dog mom, ways I handle my stress and anxiety, relationships and everything in between!

This blog is about going outside the lines, thinking outside the box, and living an alternative lifestyle, one that many people deem abnormal and even ludicrous!

I hope that everyone who reads this blog is inspired to be the person that they truly feel that they are. I hope that my experiences that I share will somehow impact you to get out there and figure out what it is that really sets your soul on fire! I hope that everyone who reads this blog realizes that anything is possible, even if it seems insane to other people !

I can only imagine the thoughts that go through people’s minds when I tell them my big goals and plans: To live in a van, travel cross country, creating dream catchers,raising money and awareness for animal adoption, and sharing my adventures with the world. Crazy right? Well, I gotta tell you, it may be crazy, but I promise you it wont be boring.




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